I say a little prayer for you


Do you know that you by saying a simple little prayer can be part of saving a marriage and a family today! Do you know that your Faith in a big great ever lasting eternal God can save a marriage and a family from falling apart? Do you know that by your choice to stop...

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7 ways to avoid temptations – a game plan


7 ways to avoid temptations – a game plan Last week I wrote about how God talk to me about avoiding temptations by me running into a Big black dog. I talked about how important it is to have a plan, battle plan or an escape plan. The word of God says in Phil 4:13...

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A Big Black dog and escape tactics!


A Big Black dog and escape tactics! Some of you might know that I am a runner, I love running, it is my best time with God. During my runs I worship, I pray and enjoying Gods creation. Sometimes I bring my phone and listen to music. I also use the app RunKeeper, it’s a...

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Is Character a valuable word today?


Is Character a valuable word today? “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.” Proverbs.12:4 Just to clarify…it could also have been written “a Husband of noble character” On www.dictionary.reference.com ...

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Obey or Die….?


Obey or Die….? I was searching for a picture that was a match for my theme “Obey”. And I can tell you there were not many encouraging images available. One t-shirt had the words “Obey or Die” written all over it. And then when I looked at the images it all become so ...

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Boys will be Boys!


Boys will Be boys! It is sometimes easier to see what God placed in us men, we only have to look at our boys. When they get the opportunity to spend time out side, they often find a stick or something else to play war with. It becomes a sword, a gun or something else...

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19 years since our first Date!


19 years since our first Date! 19 years ago, Johan took the opportunity to ask me out. I said Yes as I thought it could be good to check on him. I had heard stories about him and spending most of the summer drunk. everybody around him was worried……. the year before he lost his...

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The No1 step to a successful marriage, family, business, Day#4


The No1 step to a successful marriage, family, business….. Almost everything in life is a process, from health to marriage. There is a basic principle, and I believe it is also a Godly principle: What you feed grows and what you starves dies. This principle is easy to understand even if ...

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